French Celtic Style Salt – 1lb Coarse Grain Bulk “Wet”

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Bulk Coarse “Wet” 1 LB Celtic Style Salt, Authentic from Guerande FR.

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We now offer our French Celtic “Wet” Salt in a 1 lb sealable bag Coarse, 9×7 inches tall.
Our Celtic Salt is unique in its mineral-rich composition. It boasts of 82 trace minerals, including essential ones like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron. These minerals contribute to its distinct grey hue from the clay beds, a natural marker of its purity and unprocessed state.

The art of Celtic Salt collection is a marvel in itself. Our artisans, skilled in centuries-old techniques, meticulously gather this prized salt, preserving its natural state and the wealth of minerals it contains.

Noted nutritionist Barbara O’Neil suggests using a sesame seed-sized grain of this precious Celtic Salt on the tongue before drinking water for instant hydration. However, we advise our valued customers to consult their doctors before adding it to their daily regimen. While some might recommend adding 1/4 tsp of salt to drinking water, we recommend using only grain-sized pieces of our Celtic Salt daily due to its high sodium content. Bestie- don’t eat 1/4 teaspoon of this salt unless you have consulted your primary care doctor or your personal nutritionist or dietician.

While our Celtic Salt is unprocessed and non-iodized, we encourage our customers to source iodine from other dietary methods.

It’s mid-season in Celtic Salt harvesting, and the world is experiencing a shortage of this vital mineral. Understanding the demand and the desire of our customers to start their Celtic Salt journey, we’ve ensured the availability of this precious commodity in a compact and accessible form. While the price per ounce might be higher due to the limited availability, we assure you that it’s a reflection of the product’s value and rarity, as well as our commitment to fair trade and providing a living wage to our hardworking employees.

We cherish the work our team does to bring this exceptional salt from the shores of Guérande, France, right to your doorstep.

Join us on this journey and explore the manifold benefits of French Celtic Style Salt today!

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2 reviews for French Celtic Style Salt – 1lb Coarse Grain Bulk “Wet”

  1. Leena Hussopple

    BEST price online. I have looked everywhere for bulk celtic sea salt, thanks

  2. Ben Pullam

    bag reseals, good price what can i say its salt.

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