Celtic Curated 82 Minerals Sea Salt Sampler – Fine, Coarse, & Athletes Grain – 3 pack of 3 oz jars

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Try all three of our Celtic 82 Minerals Sea Salt best sellers! One 3 oz jar Each of Fine, Coarse and our exclusive Athletes Grain. 3 jars total

Immerse yourself in the world of refined taste and wellness with our authentic French Celtic 82 Mineral Hydration Salt. Hand-harvested in small batches by skilled artisans from the pristine marshes of Guérande, France, our French ‘Celtic’ Style 82 Minerals Sea Salt is a testament to the harmony between nature and tradition. We now offer our Celtic Salt in a 3 oz sealed jar. Barbara O’neill recommends taking this salt daily.

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*New item alert! Our Celtic Curated Boxed Set – Helper, Reviver and Enhancer

1 each of our three Celtic grain sizes, in a 3 oz sealed jar, total of 3 jars #BarbaraOneill

Experience the Versatility of French Celtic Style Salt – Tailored for Every Need and Palate

  1. Celtic Fine Grain – “Hydration Helper”: Immerse in the delicate charm of our fine grain salt, perfect for elevating hydration during scorching days or prior to light workouts. But that’s not all – sprinkle this finely grounded marvel on watermelon for a refreshing bite, or crown your caramels and brownies with its briny touch. Muscle aches or dehydration woes? A tiny sublingual pinch is all it takes to feel the difference.
  2. Celtic Coarse – “Rustic Reviver”: Dive into the robust world of our coarse, rustic-style salt. Larger grains encapsulate the traditional essence of Celtic salts revered by naturopaths and health aficionados. Whether you fancy a few salt crystals directly on your tongue before quenching your thirst or desire an unexpected palate boost over chocolate or iced coffee – this is your go-to!
  3. Celtic Athletes Blend – “Endurance Enhancer”: Crafted for the champions, our extra coarse athlete’s blend offers swift relief from muscle cramps and dehydration. Revered by soccer enthusiasts, marathon trainees, and military personnel alike, its pronounced briny taste makes it an indispensable ally. Just keep this mighty gem in your gym bag or integrate it into your pre-workout ritual for that much-needed kickstart!

Embrace an enriched culinary and athletic journey with our meticulously curated trio of French Celtic style salts. Each jar promises not just flavor, but a lifestyle upgrade and arrives in a 4 oz jar, filled 3/4 full – leaving room for your fave small scoop or spoon. Our customer feedback let us know our 3 oz jars were filled too full and spilled out salt. No one likes spilled salt, so we changed our packaging! Celtic salt is expensive right now in the overall market, we pay our employees a living wage and its reflected in our pricing. Try our sample pack if you have a limited budget, we also have flash sales and coupon codes to help everyone get access to hydrating salt.

Thanks for supporting our small family business in the Outer Banks, NC! Matthew 5- Be Salty and Stay Lit.

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